Tree Services

Tree Injections

Why hire an Arborist?

  • An Arborist is a tree professional that has studied all aspects of tree care.  They are licensed by the State of Connecticut after completing a rigorous classroom and examination process.
  • Part of our service is to meet with a potential client and listen to their needs.  We are happy to give assessments on tree health or tree care.  We will explain what we are seeing and point out areas of concern.  This is done free of charge.
  • We also make recommendations for proper tree species for proper locations.  We offer to purchase and plant trees for our clients.  We often see mistakes when it comes to picking a tree,  the location of a tree and planting of the trees.  Hire a professional, it could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.
  • We will never pressure anyone to hire us.  We will to give a written estimate and send it to you.  No pressure, no cost.

Bucket Services

  • We have a fleet of bucket trucks that allow us to efficiently prune or remove trees.  Tree work is a specialty that requires a skilled hand.  We take pride in doing tree work efficiently while protecting the property.  Our clean up is always meticulously completed.  We promise once the project is completed you will be satisfied.

Why is a crane needed?

  • For trees that are very large, hazardous and difficult to reach.
  • To protect homes, sheds and fences, septic systems.
  • Cost effective.  A crane can save days of work thereby cutting the cost of a challenging project.

Cabling Trees

  • Cabling trees are a way of stabilizing multi leader trees.

Stump Grinding 

  • A and D Tree Service provides stump grinding services.  We can grind the stumps and remove all the debris.  If you want to save on cost we can grind the stumps and the client can remove the debris.  Grindings make great mulch and ground cover.

Lot Clearing 

  • Did you know lot clearing is sales tax free?  If a lot had no improved structures on it it is sales tax free!  By hiring an Arborist they can also help with tree identification and recommendations on which trees would be best to keep based on the site plan.
  • A and D Tree Service LLC has the expertise and equipment to efficiently clear lots.


  • The insurance industry rates tree work as a high risk industry.  Because of the risk rating insurance cost is high.  The good news is tree companies with a safe track history can significantly bring down the insurance cost.  Our company has a very good safety record.  We maintain the highest standards in licensing and insurance coverage.
  • Did you know if a company is working for a client and does not have insurance, they can successfully sue the individual for injuries?  That is why it important to make sure the company is properly covered.  Always ask for a certificate of insurance (COI).  Sometimes hard copies of COI are fraudulent.  Only accept a COI directly from the insurance agent.  The coverage for tree companies should include liability and workers compensation insurance.